Ecumenism and interfaith

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Towards a World Without Empire
Stand firmly on the principles of sovereignty
Churches to Oberserve World Week for Peace in Israel and Palestine
The Karibu Foundation Platform and Profile
Letter to the President of Uganda: Abstain from Supporting the so-called Anti-Homosexuality Bill
South African church delegation answers call to "Come and See" the occupied territories of Palestine
Latin America Council of Churches Seeks Volunteers for Colombia
Safeguarding human rights, life, and dignity: ending the culture of impunity
Statement of the 22nd National Assembly of the Ecumenical Bishops Forum
WCC calls for Workshop Applications

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Fr. Michael Lapsley SSM

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Identity Diversity and Dialogue - International Event
YMCA South Africa National Assembly
Conference on the Liberating Theology and Counter-Imperial Faith
CEBI (Brazil) visit to Norway
Olive Picking Campaign 2009
World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel
WCC General Assembly