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Churches to Oberserve World Week for Peace in Israel and Palestine

22.-28, September 2013

The World Council of Churches (WCC) invites its member churches, faith-based organizations and civil society to observe the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel from 22 to 28 September, invoking prayers, action and advocacy for justice and peace in Palestine.   More information, and the calendar of events taking place in Norway, is found below.

Initiated by the WCC’s Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF), the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel is a call to end the Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian land, urging justice and peace for all people.

Theme for this year’s week of prayer is “Jerusalem, the city of justice and peace”.

The theme corresponds to the vision of the Kairos Document issued by Palestinian Christian leaders in 2009. The document states that Jerusalem is a city “inhabited by two peoples of three religions, and it is on this prophetic vision and on the international resolutions concerning the totality of Jerusalem that any political solution must be based”.

Individuals and congregations observing the World Week for Peace 2013 will organize special activities calling people of faith to pray with churches living under occupation, using a special prayer from Jerusalem and other resources prepared for the week.

The week also invites actions that spread education about the ground realities in the region, especially those related to the city of Jerusalem. Advocacy initiatives emphasizing ecumenical policies in promoting justice and peace with political leaders are particularly encouraged.

As part of the most recent World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel in 2012, churches in at least 25 countries around the world sent a clear signal to policy-makers, community groups and their own parishes about the urgent need for a peace settlement that ends the illegal occupation and secures the legitimate rights and future of both peoples in Palestine and Israel.

“The World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel asserts the conviction that peace between Palestinians and Israel is a pressing imperative,” said John Calhoun, convenor of the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel.

“The week will bring together voices urging world leaders to call upon Israel to abide by the United Nations Security Council resolutions and end its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. We recall how in November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly recognized Palestine as a non-member observer state. This decision has added impetus to our preparations for the week,” he added.

More information on World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel can be found at

To participate in WWPPI activities, email Michel Nseir: Michel.Nseir(at) and Ranjan Solomon: Ranjan.Solomon(at)

Below is a list of the events taking place throughout Norway (in Norwegian):

MANDAG, 23. september

Undervisning: «Ungdom, militarisering, og diskriminering» (lukket møte)
Med Ruth Hiller fra New Profile
kl. 9.30 - 11.00 Rønningen Folkehøgskole, Oslo
v/ Kvekerhjelp og Stiftelsen Karibu
Tyler Hauger (

Seminar: «Jerusalem - city of justice and peace»
Med Hind Khoury, tidligere palestinsk minister for Jerusalem
kl.14.30 - 16.00, Kulturhuset i Oslo – Youngstorget 3
v/ Sabeels venner i Norge og Kvekerhjelp
Kontakt: Kristine Hofseth Hovland (

TIRSDAG, 24. september

Moss kirkeakademi, Tema: «Jerusalem – fredens og rettferdighetens by»
Med Biskop Atle Sommerfeldt m.fl.
kl. 19.00 - Arena, Moss kirke- og kultursenter
Kontakt:  Knut Refsdal (  

ONSDAG, 25. september

Andakt på Kirkens hus om Fred i Midtøsten
kl. 08:45  - Rådhusgt 1-3, Oslo
Kontakt: Eilert Rostrup (

Rettferdig Filmkveld: Møt ungdom fra Palestina
kl. 19.00 - Universitetsgata 20 , Oslo
v/ Norges Kristelige Studentforbund og KFUK-KFUM Global
Kontakt:  Margit Aas Onstein ( og Torkil Hvidsten (

Seminar:  «Stemmer innenfra: Israelske og jødiske bidrag til rettferdig fred mellom palestina og israel»
Med Ruth Hiller + Visning av ”The Village under the Forest”
kl 19.00 - Menighetsssalen i Domkirka, Bodø
v/ Bodø-initiativet (KFUK-FKUM, Den Norske Kirke, Palestina-komiteen, Fagforbundet,  EL-ITForbundet + flere)
Kontakt:  Wiktor Berg (

TORSDAG, 26. september 

Åpent hus, seminar og middag på Kvekersenteret
«The Politics of Access - The Politics of Separation»
kl.18.00 - Grønland 12 (Kvekersenteret)
v/ Vennenes Samfunn Kvekerne og Kvekerhjelp
Kontakt:  Roger Cassidy (

Filmvisning, «The Village Under the Forest»
kl. 18 - Arne Næss’ Auditorium (Georg Morgenstiernes Hus), University of Oslo -  Blindernveien 31
v/ Stiftelsen Karibu og Babel Filmklubb
Kontakt: Tyler Hauger ( 

FREDAG, 27. september

Andakt på Kirkens hus om Fred i Midtøsten
kl. 08:45  - Rådhusgt 1-3, Oslo
Kontakt: Berit Hagen Agøy (

LØRDAG, 28. september 

Åpent møte: «Hverdagsliv i Palestina»
Fortellinger fra studenter fra Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement.
kl. 10.30-12.00 - Kursstedet Haugtun i Aust-Torpa (
v/ Norges Kristelige Studentforbund
Kontakt:  Torkil Hvidsten (

For more information on the Norwegian program, visit:

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