Resistance to the ‘La Colosa’ gold mine

A success story from Colombia

After a 10-year nonviolent campaign coordinated by grassroots activists and international support, the town of Cajamarca in Colombia voted with a 97.9% majority to say “No” to the world's third largest mining company's (South Africa’s AngloGold Ashanti) plans for the development of what was thought to become the world’s fifth highest gold producing mine (per annum) in the world:  the "La Colosa" gold mine.   The company has now halted its project entirely, is pulling out, and says that it accepts the validity of the vote.

We speak with Mariana Gómez Soto (Yes to Life, No to Mining’s Latin America coordinator in Colombia), about the referendum, how it has affected political life in Colombia, and how this success story in Cajamarca has inspired other movements in the region and around the world.   


Struggling in Jerusalem: Sahar Vardi's Story

New #IDefendRights platform launched
Hear the personal story of Sahar Vardi (From Karibu's partner networks SEDQ, a global Jewish network; and Imbala, a group of Jerusalem activists and artists), and her decision to become a human rights defender, on the new "I Defend Rights" platform.


Locating the Voice of African Civil Society in South-South Cooperation

Fahamu (Kenya) conducts African civil society perception study
Mr. Edwin Rwigi (Programme Officer for the Kenyan based organization Fahamu) reflects on the recent study conducted by Fahamu on African perceptions of emerging powers on the continent. The study aimed to gauge the extent that African civil society members are working on policy issues related to the presence of emerging powers such as China, Brazil, India, Turkey and the Golf States on the continent, as well as to gauge how grassroots civil society leaders perceive the presence of these countries in their communities.

Fahamu conducted interviews and focus group discussions with grassroots civil society leaders in Tanzania and Uganda, as well as conducted an online survey with responses from 26 African countries. Edwin reflects on the results of the study, and presents the recommendations for action related to monitoring and holding accountable the presence of emerging powers on the continent.


15 years since the War in Iraq

Event series in Oslo with the Iraqi Social Forum, 14.-22. February 2018
A delegation from Karibu-partner the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will visit Oslo in February for a series of events to commemorate the 15 Year Anniversary of the Iraq War.   Below you will fine more information about the events taking place across the city. 


A Year at a Glance 2017

Karibu Foundation Annual Report for 2017
"A Year at a Glance” is a small collection of some impressions and glimpses from various programmes and activities organized by partners of the Karibu Foundation in 2017.  Click below to read more.


Building a People's Internet in Latin America

Voices from the South: December 2017
Executive director in The Latin American Information Agency (ALAI) Sally Burch, reflects on how the major international digital corporations are controlling more and more of our daily lives, changing the power structures in society and challenging our right to privacy. ALAI calls for citizens to stand up and demand that norms and limits have to be in place to ensure that the new technologies operate in the public interest. Building on this, ALAI co-lead an initiative to build a “people’s internet” in Latin America. The initiative and findings in the project is presented in the article.

The article is also especially important this month as the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold their biannual ministerial conference in Argentina, starting December 10th. Here, topics of technology and e-commerce are thought to be a major focus. If some of the suggestions are implemented it could potentially have devastating effects on developing countries’ own e-commerce sector.

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