The Karibu Foundation supports alternative voices from the Global South that provide alternatives to the dominant paradigms of power, distribution, and development.

Karibu has grown out of a spirituality, a practical, faith-based commitment, and a critical and analytic understanding of power and domination in the world. The aims of Karibu are therefore to bring together and support agencies that use analytical insight, moral courage, and strategic clarity in their struggle to create a just world.

Karibu’s primary objectives are:

  ‣      to provide economic support to organizations and networks in the South that work for a just world

  ‣      To strategically cooperate with these organizations and networks, support network-building processes, and convey the thoughts and experiences of our partners to various arenas in the Global North

Our vision is that alternative voices from the Global South, connected to questions of global justice, come forward and are heard.

Read our complete platform and profile here (in English and Norwegian).

Our name and history

The name, KARIBU, is the Swahili word for WELCOME.

Learn more about Karibu’s founding and history – along with just a few examples of the exciting groups and initiatives that Karibu has been able to support throughout the years – on the “Our History” page.