Karibu now receives all applications online through our Grant Management System (GMS)


15. March, will likely be processed in April 2021
10. May, will likely be processed in June 2021

16. August, will likely be processed in September 2021
25. October, will likely be processed in November 2021

Applications must be sent to us in good time, so that our processing can be completed well in advance of suggested project start dates.

Due to the tremendous challenges under COVID-19, much of Karibu’s funding in 2021 is directed to sustaining already established partners. There is unfortunately extremely limited opportunity to develop new partnerships and provide grants for new partners in 2021.

Karibu’s Grant Mangement System (GMS)

1. Read carefully Karibu’s Frequently Asked Questions for important information about Karibu, our grant requirements, and what types of projects are eligible for support before you consider applying.

2. If you do not have an account from before, register for a new account to start the application process

3. Login to the GMS, and click the “start application process” button within the system.