Karibu partners at 2021 Norwegian Social Forum

A number of Karibu partners will be contributing to the upcoming “Norwegian Social Forum,” which will take place between 19th and 21st November in Oslo.

The theme of the 2021 forum is “Solidarity“.

Karibu’s partners from Iraq, Peru, Brazil, India, Ecuador, and Sri Lanka will contribute digitally by bringing forth their analyses on – and experiences with – solidarity from a South perspective.

Ranja Sangupta of Third World Network (and Karibu partner Our World Is Not For Sale) will be a panelist during the opening plenary meeting, “Solidarity and social movements: The struggle for alternative globalization”. She will specifically be exploring how we create solidarity in times of crisis and post-corona – What can we learn from the struggles and movements that have fought for an alternative globalization in the last 20 years, in order to build movements for a more just world.

The opening plenary meeting will also feature short several films, that will lift up the situation on the ground for movements in the South. Amire Ortiz (Peru) and Verónica Chicaiza (Ecuador) of Karibu partner “COLECTIVA” will be speaking on the situation in their home countries. Batool Kareem and Abdulrahman Hussam of the Iraqi Social Forum will speak on the efforts in Iraq. The efforts of the “Collective of Women Victimised by Microfinance Debts” in Sri Lanka (more info) will also be featured, with footage from a parallel protest held in Hingurakgoda early this year.

The live stream of the opening meeting can be found here (via Facebook), and starts at 18:00 Oslo time. The first 30 minutes will be in Norwegian, and then will move to English. An external link will come soon.

On Saturday 20th, November – Maria Luiza Freire (Brazil) from Karibu partner “Fundación Ciudadanía Inteligente” will be leading on workshop on digital advocacy, with participants from over 20 countries. This workshop will be a condensed version of the “Latin American School of Digital Activism,” which was recently conducted by FCI across Latin America as part of their work with their network of activists. More information can be found here.

Despite challenges with traveling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Karibu’s partners are finding creative ways to ensure that the voices of the South are heard in these challenging times.