Title: African Renaissiance: The Next Generation
Author: Cedric Dzelu, The Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA)

Voices from the South E-Newsletter:


In June 2015, 33 young people from across the African continent came together in Senegal for a week-long “Youth Advocacy Summit”. The training session in advocacy strategy and planning was part of the African Alliance of YMCAs “Subject 2 Citizen” (S2C) Ambassadors initiative. S2C aims to move youth to a state of citizenship where they are able to identify the root causes of problems in their own societies, and to make positive change at various levels of decision-making. A select group of young leaders from across the continent are invited to participate in the two-year intensive program, designed to unlock their potential to transform themselves and other young people in their countries.

This month’s “Voices from the South” features a conversation with one of the new S2C Ambassadors, 28 year old Cedric Dzelu from Ghana. He speaks of his experience with the African Renaissance, his views of Africa’s place in the world, and how young people of the continent are ready to transform the systems around them for the better of their people.

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