Title: Envisioning a New Syria: Declaration in the conference on the future of the Syria constitution
Author: The International Peace Initiative for Syria (IPIS),

Voices from the South E-Newsletter:


In late April 2016, the “Conference on the Principles of a Future Syrian Constitution” was held outside of Vienna, organized by the International Peace Initiative for Syria (IPIS). Twenty-eight Syrian participants (leaders of ethnic minority groups, experts in Law, Islamic Sheiks, representatives of women’s organizations, and renowned politicians from the opposition) met to discuss the question of Syria’s future after years of violence and civil war. In their final declaration on the vision for a future Syrian constitution, they mapped out 8 substantial points that represent a new “social contract” for the Syrian people. According to the office of the UN-negotiator for Syria, the declaration represents a valuable compliment to the ongoing peace process on Syria that is taking place in Geneva.

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