Title: Global resistance against injustice: Where do we go from here?
Author: Mauri Cruz, Forum Social des Re- sistances in Porto Alegre

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In the context of growing political, social and economic setbacks globally and regionally, as well as the deepening environmental crisis, a broad network of Brazilian social organizations and movements hosted the Social Forum of Resistances held in January 2017 in Porto Alegre, Brazil (the birthplace of the World Social Forum). The forum aimed to bring together movements from across Brazil, South America and further, in order to set focus on resistance and the global struggle for democracy, the rights of peoples, and the rights of the planet.

In this month’s “Voices from the South,” we speak with Mauri Cruz, leader of the organizing committee of the Social Forum on Resistances in Porto Alegre, on why movements are joining together in the struggle, what the key resistances are, and the way ahead in the struggle for a more just world.

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