Title: Kairos 30th Anniversary Statement: Dangerous Memory and Hope for the Future
Author: Rev. Edwin Arrison, Kairos Southern Africa

Voices from the South E-Newsletter:


“May your movement — our movement — continue to grow in strength and spirit.” These words were written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, welcoming participants of the 30 year anniversary conference of the South African Kairos document to Johannesburg in August 2015. The conference commemorated and celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the 1985 Kairos document, a document that had a significant influence on the Christian community’s theology and response to Apartheid, as well as involvement in social justice issues worldwide. The conference also sought to lift up the struggles for justice that still persist in South Africa and around the world.

This month’s “Voices from the South,” features the closing statement of the conference, in which the participants reflect on the dangerous memory of the South African Kairos. The statement challenges and church and the global community on issues related to dignity and justice, and lifts up the struggles of Kairos movements that have grown in Central America, Europe, the U.S. Malawi, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Nigeria, and Palestine.

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