Title: Nigerian Instability: An Effective Arms Trade Treaty is the Answer
Author: Rev. Kolade Fadahunsi, Churches in Action For Peace and Development (CAPAD)

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Small arms and light weapons have been called the “weapon of mass destruction of the poor”. These and other conventional arms kill, injure, and tear up families and communities across the world. They prolong armed conflicts, and fuel poverty. But unlike the trade in other items, like food or drugs, the trade in arms is not subject to any international regulation.

Churches and social movements that are eye-witnesses to the harmful effects of these weapons have long advocated for international regulation that will reduce the suffering caused by easy access to arms.

In July 2012, the world’s governments will gather in New York to negotiate a legally binding international treaty on trade in conventional weapons. The following article is a reflection by Rev. Kolade Fadahunsi, Programme Officer for “Churches in Action For Peace and Development” (CAPAD) in Nigeria, on the necessity of a strong international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) for Nigerians:

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