Title: Signs of Hope in Iraq: Labor Movements and Social Movements Stand Together to Pass Labor Law
Author: Wesam Chaseb Oudah, Solidarity Center

Voices from the South E-Newsletter:


labor law, marking a victory for labor unions, workers and civil society groups who have fought for a legal framework that would protect the interests of workers for over 10 years. The labor law is considered among the best labor legislations in the entire region, is compatible with international labor standards, and is seen by activists on the ground in Iraq as a major contribution to achieving social peace and social cohesion in country marked by war, divisions, extremist groups and years of military occupation.

In this month’s “Voices from the South,” Wesam Chaseb Oudah, Iraq Program Manager for the Solidarity Center and representative of trade unions to the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF), reflects on the experience of building a broad coalition of labor movements, social movements, and activists to bring the demands of the people into policy. He also reflects on the necessity for future collaboration between social and labor movements in the process of building a new Iraq.

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